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 With collaboration with CLASSICAL NOVA and VGM Classics, Wiseman Project continues to release records featuring compositions/arrangements/performances by Kentaro Sato (Ken-P).
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Vol. 1, Choral Music

 about the 6th Recording event of Chorus Central in 2021 (This page is in Japanese.)

Chorus Central Vol. 1 CD has been released! Other volumes coming soon!

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 CD recording of "Requiem Pacis" and "Laetentur Caeli" took place during Aug. 2017 with Budapest Symphony Orchestra and Hungarian Radio Chorus (Budapest, Hungary).


Vol. 2, Symphonic Music

 Two Orchestral CDs; “Symphonic Tale Peter Pan” and “Symphonic Overtures” were recorded with Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra between Feb 2 and 6, 2016. CD release date to be announced soon!

Vol. 3, Wind Symphony/Ensemble Music

 Ken-P recorded wind version of Symphonic Tale: Peter Pan with Philharmonic Winds Hamamatsu (Shizuoka, Japan). CD will be avaiable soon.

Vol. 4, Big Band Jazz