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please use this order form for digital licensed PDF scores!

 Feel free to e-mail me/Wiseman Project LLC for questions, request of scores, commission of music, conducting, workshop, interests in representation and etc...

 If you have not received my response within 3 business days, please e-mail me again. If you would like to obtain digital scores of my concert works, please read this page before e-mail me. Your e-mail with an order info will

 For you who wish me to review your compositions… Although I do try to make myself available to everyone, I am really sorry to say that I review and make comments to compositions by who are currently studying privately with me. I have constantly received many unsolicited mp3s and scores around the world, and unfortunately do not have enough free time to review them all. So, please DO NOT send me mp3s and scores of your music as attachments at first, but ask me first if I am available to review your work or not.

 If you are currently a student who need advices toward your choice of school, your musical dreams and such, please write me about you as much as you can: such as your academic and musical experiences, instrumental fluency, language skills, musical technology knowledge, your financial situation, and your citizenship/visa status and etc. I will try to give you as much advices I can to help you.