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Symphonic Tale "Peter Pan"

 1. The Boy Who Won't Grow Up / The Peter Pan's Fanfare

 2. Wendy's Kiss

 3. Tinker Bell / Flying to the Neverland

 4. Pirates of the Jolly Roger

 5. The Lost Boys

 6. Cinderella, Wendy's Story

 7. The Mermaids' Lagoon

 8. The Never Bird

 9. Dance of the Native Warriors

 10. Memory of Mother

 11. Hook or Me, This Time!

 12. Return Home

  (for Full Orchestra) with optional Narration

Wings of Dreams

  (for Full Orchestra)

Distant Echoes: A Christmas Prelude

  (for Full Orchestra)

Christmas Overture

  (for Full Orchestra, or Orchestra without woodinds)

Freedom Overture

  (for Full Orchestra)

Redlands Overture

  (for Full Orchestra)

Star Ocean Overture

  (for Full Orchestra)

A Gift from the Ocean

  (for Orchestra)

The Wind of Grassland

  (for Orchestra)

Going Home with You

  (for Strings)

The Great Voyages of Captain Little

  (for Full Orchestra)

Breath of Dawn

  (for Orchestra)