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How to obtain the Printed Score?

 The printed scores can be purchased at Wiseman Project Official Site at Amazon USA, UK, Germany, and Japan. They are also available at Major Amazon sites worldwide.

How to obtain the Digital Licensed PDF Score?

*please use this order form for digital licensed PDF scores!

 Many concert works by Kentaro Sato are available in Licensed PDF Score format. It is a digital score with the licensee information. You can print out scores and use them for your practice and performance within the purchased license for limited duration. You need Adobe Acrobat or similar PDF reading software which enables you to open password-protected PDF file. The PDF preview function of Mac/PC won't be able to open the file.

 The information of the licensee will be on the score, and the performable license will be valid for the duration of 4 years starting from the issuing date.

 For review or personal use, there is "STUDY SCORE License" (no performance allowed off from this score).

Price of the Digial Licensed PDF Score

Valid for 4 years.

 You can pay via Paypal, credit card, and US electric check.

 Your donation is always welcomed.

If your choir is in financial difficulty...

 If your choir is in financial difficulty (for example, your choir is for children in a country considerably less wealthy than the US , Japan, EU nations and other developed countries), let me know about your situation. I might be able to work something out for your choir and organization so that you have access to my concert works. Please be honest so that I can continue what I do.

 You don't have to obtain addtional license for judication or use for choral performance competitions and festivals. Download and print this document, and submit with the licensed score to the appropriate party.

 Because of the nature of the Digital Score, once purchased, your license is un-refundable and un-transferable to other party/individual. The order of the Digital Score will be processed as you understand all terms stated on this page.