Old News (2010 and older)

2010 12/18-19

Kentaro arranged and produced music for Jump Festa 2010 Trailer of SQUARE ENIX's "Dissidia duodecim, Final Fantasy"

2010 11/22

Male Chorus version of "Sweet Days" was premiered by Yutokora!! at Tokyo Men's Choir Festival.

see score

listen to mp3 from rehearsal

The 63rd All-Japan Choral Compeition Final Round

Souka University Ginrei Chorus and Tsuru University Mixed Chorus performed "Agnus Dei" from Missa pro Pace.



42th Tolosa Choral Contest. Two groups "Hamoru Kobe (Japan)" and "Los Peques del Leon de Oro" performed Kentaro's choral pieces.

2010, 10/29

New Choral Work "Carmen Laetitiae (Song of Joy)" (for SSA, divisi, a cappella, Lain), comissioned by Vocalia Taldea (Spain).

New Chora Work "Korasu! (Chorus!)" (for SATB, divisi, a cappella, Japanese), comissioned by Chor FLAT (Japan).

2010 10/9

Kentaro provided a choral arrangement for the Special Stage of the 77th NHK National Choral Competition; Elementary School Category

2010 9/16-19

Kentaro arranged and produced music for TGS 2010 Trailer of SQUARE ENIX's "Dissidia duodecim, Final Fantasy"

2010, 11/19

Cornell University Chorale (NY, USA) performs "Missa pro Pace" (John Rowehl: conductor).

2010, 8/22

"Nihil Sum," the 3rd movement of "Cantata Amoris"

mp3 from rehearsal

World Premiere is on 9/4 (Osaka, Japan) by the Panasonic Choir.

2010 8/1

Senza Fine Ensemble (Indonesia) won Silver at the Grand Champion 1st ITB International Choir Compeition 2010 with "Natsu-no Enogu (Summer's Paint)."

Listen to the mp3

2010, 7/11

Elora Festival Singers (Noel Edison, Conductor) performs Gloria and Sanctus from Missa pro Pace at Elora Festival in Elora (Ontario, Canada)

2010 June

A New Choral CD "Maria Mater" (features "Ave Maria for Female Chorus") has been released from NB Musica

Performed by Vocalia Taldea

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Listen to mp3 (the excerpt).

2010 6/12

Choral Workshop at Hoku Topia Choral Festival in Tokyo

2010 March

A New Choral CD "Kantika Sakra" (features "Veni Sancte Spiritus" orchestral version) has been released from NB Musica

Performed by Leioa Kantika Korala.

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Listen to the excerpt mp3s..

1. Veni et Emitte, 2. Consolator Optime, 3. O Lux Beatissima, 4. Da Tuis Fidelibus

7/4 and 9/4, 2010

A commissioned new work "Cantata Amoris (Cantata of Love),"

a 23min 4-movement a cappella chroal work in Latin for mixed choir,

will be premiered by the Panasonic Choir (Osaka, Japan).

Special thanks to Dr. Rob Zaslavsky for his invaluable advices on Latin.

Performance of "Ave Verum Coprus" by North Greenville Singers (Northgreenville University, USA)

at the National Cathedral (Washington DC, USA)

listen to mp3

2/20, 2010

Chor Flat (Tokyo, Japan) premieres "Kisetsu-no Shiori (Bookmarks of Four Seasons)."

Listen to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th movement

2/9, 2010

LSU Chamber Singers (Louisiana, USA) premieres "Haru-no Ashioto (Spring's Footsteps)."

12/23, 2009

Osaka University Mixed Chorus premieres the organ version of "Requiem Pacis" (Osaka, Japan)

Listen to mp3s

1. Requiem Aeternam et Kyrie, 2. Sanctus, 3. Agnus Dei et Lux Aeterna, 4. Subvenite, 5. In Paradisum

10/11, 2009

The Choral Arts Ensemble (Rochester, MN, USA) premiered "Misericordia Domini".

Listen to the performance "mp3"

"Misericordia Domini" is the commissioned new work as a resul of the 25th Anniversary Commission Contest of the Choral Arts Ensemble (MN, USA)

Recording, from the premiere of organ version

1.Veni et Emitte, 2.Consolator Optime, 3.O Lux Beatissima, 4.Da Tuis Fidelibus

2009 June / November

"Leioa Kantika Korala Children's Choir (Dir: Basilio Astúlez): Spain" premieres "Veni Sancte Spiritus."

1. Veni et Emitte, 2. Consolator Optime, 3. O Lux Beatissima (a cappella), 4. Da Tuis Fidelibus

This piece was commissioned and dedicated to the chorus.

SSA Chorus ver. & SATB Chorus ver. will be available.

Orchestra ver. & Organ ver. will be available.

Score (SSA, Vocal/Organ), Score (SSA, /Full ), Score (SSA, the 3rd movement only, a cappella)

The premiere performance will be give by the choir on June 19/20 (organ version) and in November 29 (orchestral version)

11/24, 2009

Sophia University Women's Chorus gives Japanese premiere of "Missa Trinitas" (Tokyo, Japan)

Listen to the mp3, 1. Kyrie, 2. Gloria, 3. Sanctus, 4. Benedictus, 5. Agnus Dei

Review the scores, All movements, 1.Kyrie, 2.Gloria, 3.Sanctus, 4.Benedictus, 5.Agnus Dei

10/11, 2009

City of Hamamatsu presented a renewal version of kids' musical "Konohoshi-ni Umarete, Pilica-mu's Wonder Story"

Panasonic Choir (Osaka, Japan) commissioned Ken-P to compose a major choral piece.

World Premiere in Summer 2010.

Tyler Youth Orchestra (TX, USA) commissioned Ken-P to compose an orchestral suite.

The new piece "Breath of Dawn" will be premiered on 2/28 2010.

2009 September 25/26

"Vocal Ensemble Kerkrade (Dir: Louise Pluymen): Netherlands” premieres “Missa Trinitas (Mass of Trinity)” in Vatican: the Holy See.

Preview the score

All movements, 1.Kyrie, 2.Gloria, 3.Sanctus, 4.Benedictus, 5.Agnus Dei

2008, 12/21

Osaka University Mixed Chorus (Osaka, Japan) premeired "Love in the Sky" from Three Choral Love Songs.

-Three Choral Love Songs- 1. Love in the Sky, 2. Love in Bloom, 3. Love on Fire

How Do I Love You?

2008 10/19 String sec. recording in Prague Czech for a theme song of a movie "Pride"

"Pride -A Part of Me-" (Sony Music Entertainments/ SME Records)

Words by Stephanie, Music by Joe Rinoie, Arranged by Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)

Scores of a new choral suite "Kisetu-no Shiori (Bookmarks of Four Seasons)" are up!

This is my first original choral suite in Japanese.

See scores of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th movment or all.

All texts are alphabetized, and all scores contain English poetic translation and Japanese pronunciation guide.

See text, translation and Japanese pronunciation guide.

Listen to demo mp3s of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th movment.

Of course, for fluent Japanese readers and speakers, Japanese-character version of the scores is available.

new mp3 of "Ave Maria" is available.

The piece was commissioned by Mt. Eden High School Choir, and this performance is also by them.

new piece "Ave Maris Stella" and its demo mp3 are up!

The premiere will be given by the Singing City on 2/28 2008.

9/24 2008 "Perfect Fit/deep forest" A Single CD by Kana Yazumi (Speedex/Universal Music)

Track 2 "deep forest" arranged by Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)

It is a theme song for a Nintendo DS game "Avalon Code"

7/23 2008 "Changin'" A Single CD by Stephanie (SME Records/Sony Music Entertainment)

Track 3 "Truth (Orchestral Version)" arranged by Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)

Norwegian Premiere of "Requiem Pacis" by Abildso Bygdekor on Sep. 13 2008 in Oslo.

June 29 2008, at Actcity Hamamatsu, (Hamamatsu Japan)

Kids Musical "Kono Hoshini Umarete" is a big success.

Listen to mp3 of the sneak preview from "Film Design Box 4" or Symphonic Tale -Peter Pan-

Recorded at the Dvorak Hall (Rudolfinum) Prague, Czech Republic in Oct 25/26 2007

The CD ($15) is available at Fontana Music Library at www.studiofontana.com

Please e-mail at marketing@studiofontana.com for information.

New mp3s for choral music added. Performed by Tenjo-Hanabi Mixech Chorus (Osaka, Japan)

mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3 mp3

New Demo mp3 of "Love in the Sky" is up!


by April Amante (SA) and Kentaro Sato (TB)


Missa pro Pace Study Guide (PDF) for Premiere Performance!


Orchestration page added!

1/10 2008

Ken-P's choral piece "Prend Cette Rose (Receive This Rose)" won

the 2nd prize of the 2008 Singing City Prize for Young Composers.

He will write a new piece for their concert in 2008.

2009 2/28

Singing City premieres "Ave Maris Stella" (Philadelphia, USA)

2/7 Vocal Ensemble Myuu performs "Then Christmas Comes" (Tokyo, Japan)

2008 Fall

Swidish Premiere of "Tween Dusk and Dream" by Haga Motettkor (Gothenburg, Swiden)


Vocal Ensemble Myuu gives Japanese premiere of "Then Christmas Comes" (Tokyo, Japan)


Vocal Ensemble EST performs "Sweet Days" and "Gloria from Missa pro Pace" (Mie, Japan)


Norwegian Premiere of “Requiem Pacis” by Abildso Bydgekor (Oslo, Norway)


Matsushita Chuo Mixed Chorus performs "Kyrie" and "Glroia" (Osaka, Japan)


World Premiere of New Musical "Pilika-mu's Wonderstory" (Hamamatsu, Japan)


US Premiere of Symphonic Tale Peter Pan by the Toraance Symphony (Torrance, CA)


Silisbury International Arts Festival features "Missa pro Pace" (Salisbury, UK)


Mt. Eden High School Chamber Singers performe "Ave Maria." (Hayward, CA)


World Premiere of "Missa pro Pace" by the Choral Arts Society of Washington


Mt. Eden High School Chamber Singers premiere "Ave Maria." (Fullerton, CA)


Arizona State University Choir performs "'Tween Dusk and Dreams"


Ken-P's choral piece "Prend Cette Rose (Recieve This Rose)" won the 2nd prize of the 2008 Singing City Prize for Young Composers

2007 12/19

Et. Eden High School Choir performs "Requiem Pacis"


Quire of Voyces performes "Missa pro Pace" (Santa Barbara, California)


World Premiere of "Ave Verum Corpus" and "Ireland, a little bit of Heaven" by the Tenjo-Hanabi Mixed Chorus


Recording of Symphonic Tale "Peter Pan" and "Daddy-Long-Legs" at Dvorak Hall in Czech. (Prague, Czech)


Western Illinos University Choir performs "Sweet Days"


Torrance Symphony premieres Ken-P's "Freedom Overture" (Torrance, USA)


Ken-P's arrangements hit 44 on Billboard 200.


Ken-P recieves Master of Music in Conducting with Distinction


Performance of "Kyrie" "How Do I Love You?" "Love on Fire" "Sweet Days" by the Chor Flat

2006 12/2

World Premiere of "A Christmas Carol" and "Newborn Joy" and performance of "How Do I Love You?" and "Sweet Days" by Tenjo-Hanabi Mixed Chorus


Performance of "Star Ocean Overture" by the Torrance Symphony (Torrance, CA)


World Premiere of Ken-P's new orchestral piece "Redlands Fanfare" by the Redlands Symphony lead by Frank Fetta (Redlands, CA)


Performance of "Love's Philosophy" by the Nagoya University Green Harmony (Aichi, Japan)


Ken-P conducts the Hollywood studio orchestra and record his music at the 20th C Fox Newman Scoring Stage.


Performance of "Sweet Days" by the Angelic Voices (Japan)


Performance of "Kyrie" and "Sweet Days" by the Chor Flat at the Tokyo Choral Festival (Tokyo, Japan)


Performance of "How Do I Love You?" "Love in Bloom" and "Love on Fire" by the Waseda University Mixed Chorus (Osaka, Japan)


Performance of "Love on Fire" and "Love's Philosophy" by Tenjo-Hanabi Mixed Chorus at the Osaka Choral Festival (Osaka, Japan)


Performance of "Kyrie" by the Vocal Arts Ensemenble of San Luis Obispo (CA, USA)


Performance of "How Do I Love You?" "Love in Bloom" and "Love on Fire" by Cayuga Vocal Ensemble (Ithaca, NY)


Performance of "Tween Dusk and Dreams" by the CSUN Northrige Singers (Northridge, CA)


Performance of "Yuki no Omoide" "Whispered Secrets" and "Love's Philosophy" by the San Andres Parish Chorale (Philippines)


World premiere of new piece "Leatentur Caeli" for choir, keyboard and strings by the CSUN University Chorus lead by Elmer Heerema


Ken-P performs at the Carnegie Hall. (NY, USA)


Performance of "Love in Bloom" by the Malaga Universtiy Choir (Spain)


Performance of "Requiem Pacis" by the Chancel Choir of the First Lutheran Church (Albert Lea, Minnesota, USA)


World Premiere of newly commissioned choral work "Tween Dusk and Dreams" is performed by the Master Singers lead by Patrick Vaughn hosted by the Fairfax Choral Society (Fairfax, VA, USA)


Performance of "Kyrie" and two communion meditation pieces by the San Andres Parish Chorale (Philippines)


US Premiere of "Sanctus" by the James Pace High School Women's Choir lead by Andrew Lenz (Texas, USA)


Premiere of "Sweet Days" by the Sheldon High School Chamber Singers (Sacramento, CA, USA)


Performance of "Requiem Pacis" by the San Andres Parish Chorale (Philippines)


World Premiere of new orchestral piece "A Gift from the Ocean." Kentaro conducts the Torrance Symphony (LA, CA, USA)

2005 12/16

Performance of "How Do I Love You?" by the Pierce College Choir lead by Dennis Parnell (Los Angeles, CA, USA)


Performance of choral piece "Kyrie" by Mt. Eden High School Chamber Choir lead by Ken Rawdon (Heyward, CA, USA)


Performance of "Yukui no Omoide (Memory of Snow)" by the Tenjo-Hanabi Mixed Chorus (Osaka, Japan)


Fall Northridge Singers Concert. Kentaro conducts "Warum" by Brahms (Los Angeles, CA USA)


World Premiere of choral piece "Yuki no Omoide (Memory of Snow)" by the CSUN Master Chorale conducted by the composer (Los Angeles, CA, USA)


World Premiere of choral piece "Whispered Secrets" by the CSUN Universtiy Chorus (Los Angeles, CA, USA)


Performance of choral piece "Love in Bloom" by the Singers in Singapore


Performance of orchetral piece "Wings of Dreams" by the SMC Orchestra (Los Angeles, CA ,USA)


Choral piece "How Do I Love You?" wins the 26th Annual Choral Composition Contest presented by Ithaca College and Theodore Presser Company. The West Genesee High School Choir lead by Anthony Alvaro gives the world premiere at Ithaca College Choral Festival (Ithaca, NY, USA).


World Premiere of Kentaro's orchestral suite "Star Ocean Overture" by the Torrance Symphony Orchestra lead by Frank Fetta


Kentaro does assistant conducting for Puccini's opera "Tosca" (Red Land Opera)


Kentaro orchestrates music of "Ghost Recon 3" (Ubi Soft Entertainment)


Peroformance of "Kyrie" by the LA Choral Artists (Los Angeles,CA, USA)


World Premiere of "Love in Bloom" and performance of "Kyrie" by the Discovery Camerata Singers (Pasadena, CA, USA)


Performance of "Kyrie" by the Hamamatsu Choir at the Shizuoka Choral Festival in Yaizu, Japan.


Japanese Premiere of "Kyrie" by the Hamamatsu Choir in Hamamatsu, Japan


World Premiere of new pieces "Ave Regina Caelorum" by the CSUN Women's Chorale at the Northridge Performing Arts Center.


World Premiere of new piece "Requiem Fortunatus for choir and orchestra" by CSUN University Chorus at the Northridge Center


World Premiere of award-winning orchestral piece "Wings of Dreams" by the Moravian Philharmonic in Czech Republic


World Premiere of award-winning choral piece "Kyrie" at ACDA National Convention Los Angeles


Kentaro perfomes with Dianne Reeves and LA Phil lead by William Henry Curry at Disney Hall in LA, CA


Kentaro wins the 2nd prize of the 2004 GPO Orhcestration Competition.


Choral piece "Kyrie" wins the 2005 Raymond W. Brock Memorial Student Composition Competition by American Choral Director's Association.

2004 12

Kentaro orchestrates music of "Medal of Honor, European Assault" (EA)


World Premiere of new piece for choir, brass and percussion "Fanfare for Tomorrow" by CSUN University Chorus