Old News (2014)

2014 Dec. 27

 Ken-P to give a chorus workshop in Nagoya.

2014 Dec. 19-20

 Virginia Symphony Orchestra to perform "Christmas Overture" for Full Orchsetra

2014 Dec. 14

 Ichinoseki Citizens' Chorus premieres Ken-P's new commissioned chorus piece "Satabat Mater Dolorosa." (Iwate, Japan).

 Listen to "Stabat Mater Dolorosa"

2014 Dec. 14

 Ken-P to guest-conduct at the Meiji University Glee Club Annual Concert.

2014 Nov. 19-26

 Ken-P to guest-conduct at Choral Workshop and Festival in Singapore.

2014 Nov. 14

 Ken-P's new commissioned choral piece "Omoi-nga Ima" was peremiered at Chugou/Shikoku Ongakukenkyu Happyoukai (Ehime, Japan)

2014 Nov. 12

 Ken-P to give a choral conducting workshop to Jr. High School Teachers in Yokohama, Japan.

2014 Nov. 25-26

 Ken-P to give a two-day choral leader workshops to high school students in Shizuoka, Japan.

2014 Nov. 12

 Ken-P to give a chorus workshop to university mixed choirs in Nagoya area.

2014 Oct. 5

 Ken-P to give a lecture on vocal technique and IPA at Osaka Chorus Association Workshop.

2014 Aug. 30-31

 Ken-P to adjudicate at the All-Japan Choral Competition, Shikoku Round.

2014 Aug. 10

 Kushiro Chorus Association premiered Ken-P's "Kasanaru Koe-ni" for SATB, SMA and/or TBB with/without Piano at their 40th annivesary concert. (Hokkaido, Japan)

2014 Jul. 20

 Katsuta/Doyo-wo Tanoshimu Kai to premiere Ken-P's "Yozora-no Kioku-no Dokokani" a new choral suite for female/children's chorus. (Ibaraki, Japan)

2014 Jul. 6

 Ken-P to guest-conduct "Arbor Mundi" for Mixed Chorus at the Joint Concert 2014 in Nagoya. (Aichi, Japan)

2014 Jul. 5

 Ken-P guest-conducted the Meiji University Glee Club at the Mei-Ritsu Kokan Concert (Tokyo, Japan)

 The concert also featured a commissioned choral piece "Boku-ga Utau Wake (Why I Sing)" for TTBB as the encore piece.

2014 Jun. 14-15

 Ken-P to be the guest lecturer at a two-day Chorus Workshop in Kushiro, Hokkaido.

2014 Jun. 8

 Kanagawa Freedom Singers performed Kyrie, Gloria and Agnus Dei from "Missa Trinitas" male chorus version at JCDA Choral Festival 2014.

 Gloria and Agnus Dei to be the male version premiere perfromance.

2014 Jun. 8

 Ken-P to be one of the lecturers at the 69th Ibaraki Choral Festival. (Ibaraki, Japan)

2014 Jun. 7

 Ken-P to be the lecturer at a Chorus Workshop for NHK School Chorus Competition in Kochi, Japan.

2014 May 25

 Ken-P to be one of adjudicators at the Tokyo round of the 37th Mother's Chorus Competition.

2014 May 24

 Ken-P to be the lecturer at a Chorus Workshop for Elementary School Choirs in Nagano, Japan.

2014 May 14

 Ken-P arranged music for "Final Fantasy Agito" produced by Square Enix

2014 May 5

 Ken-P guest-conducted at the premiere of his new choral suite "To the Ocean within" for children's chorus at a concert hosted by Zennihon Gasho Fukyukai. (Tokyo, Japan)

 Read Lyrics, and see videos etc...

2014 May 3

 Ken-P guest-conducted the Meiji University Glee Club at a concert hosted by the Tokyo Six Universities Chorus Association. (Tokyo, Japan)

2014 Apr. 26-29

 Ken-P counducted at Nagoya Youth Choir 2014.

2014 Mar. 30

 Ken-P appeared a lecturer/guest-conductor at the Kanagawa Junior Chorus Festival (Kanagawa, Japan).

2014 Mar. 29

 Ken-P appeared as a lecturer at a choral workshop hosted by Zennihon Gasho Fukyukai (Tokyo, Japan).

2014 Mar. 23

 The premiere of "Wakaba-no Omoi" for Mixed Chorus, a cappella will be held at the Spring Seminar 2014 hosted by Kyoiku Geijyutsu Sha Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)

2014 Feb.

 Ken-P composed new music for Tokyo Disney Resort Parades.


2014 Jan. 31 & Feb. 1-2

 Ken-P arranged a part of the 15th anniversary live show of Ms. Reina Sasamoto.

2014 Jan. 19 & Feb. 2

 Ken-P appeared as a lecturer at a choral workshop for Youth Choir in Japanese Language. (Kyoto, Japan)

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