Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)


2018 Dec. 2

 The premiere of new commisisoned arrangements of four Disney Songs for Male Chorus was given by the Meiji Univ. Glee Club.

2018 Dec. 2

 The premiere performance of Ken-P's new commissioned Choral Suite "Sora-no Oto, Kaze-no Iro (Sounds of the Sky, and Colors of the Wind" was given by Star Wind (Miyazaki, Japan).

2018 Oct. 25

 A Choral Suite "Anoko-no Kioku-no Dokokani (Somewhere in Her Memory)" for SA/SAB/SATB and Piano.

2018 Oct. 21

 Ken-P joined the 51st Mothers' Chorus Festival (Yamaguchi, Japan) as a guest conductor/adjudicator.

2018 Sep 11

 Ken-P was invited as the lecturer at the chorus workshop hosted by Tokyo Elementary School Music Association.

2018 Jun. 30

 Ken-P conducted at the joint concert with Meiji Univ. Glee Club & Ritsumeikan Manner Chor.

2018 May 20.

 Ken-P was appointed as the Music Director of VGM Classics, an American classical record label specalized in video game music.

2018 May 5.

 Ken-P conducted Meiji Univ. Glee Club at Tokyo Rokudaigaku Concert (Tokyo, Japan).

2018 Mar. 21

 Ken-P conducted at Meiji Univ. Glee Club Hirosaki Tour Concert (Aomori, Japan).

2018 Jan. 14

 The orchestral accompaniment version of a Chorus Suite “Uta’ngoe-wa Kawarazu (Changeless Singing)” was premiered!

2018 Jan. 11

 Ken-P perticipated in the production of a PS4 video game "Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT" by SQUARE ENIX as the orchestrator and arranger, and London recording session organizer.

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