Musicianship Practice

Practice materials. You may freely use them in your classroom.

 I would be grateful, if you could send me an e-mail when you are to use the materials. If you have suggestions to the materials, or there are materials you wish there were, feel free to contact me. Let me see if I can make something for you, and everyone :)

PDF Musicianship 1 (Scales, Modes, Chords)

PDF Musicianship 2 (Rhythm)

PDF Musicianship 3 (Intervals) updated 10/31, 2010 (fixed typo)

PDF Warm-Up Song

mp3 Warm-UP (audio accompaniment)

Wiseman Project Free Music Archive (Free)

For Solfege and Sight Singing

Solfege des Solfeges (Dannhauser's Solfege) by Adolphe Dannhauser (70M)